Online IRA LLC  is your partner to help you gain checkbook control over your retirement account with a Self Directed IRA LLC.

Why Choose Us

Become the Decision Maker

The biggest advantage that draws investors to the Self Dirtected IRA LLC plan is the ability to choose among a wide variety of investment assets. Instead of being limited to stocks and bonds, account holders of a self directed IRA can now choose to invest in assets they have the most knowledge of, and all on a tax-deferred or tax-free basis.

Self Directed IRA LLC

A Self Directed IRA owned LLC, or a Checkbook IRA LLC, is a cost efficient investment vehicle that can help investors take control of their account while abiding by IRS requirement for a custodian. This retirement planning solution is widely popular because it offers account holders “checkbook control”.

Competitive Service

Checkbook IRAs set up by Online IRA LLC are chosen by many investors for many advantages and benefits, such as: IRS-compliant services, access to an online Client Web Portal with details instructions, dedicated account managers, and the best pricing for Custodial Account.

What Our Clients Say

I was not aware of how to spend my IRA on a large investment property without paying the government an enormous amount of my savings. In fact, I thought I had to continue receiving monthly amounts of my IRA savings until the stock market lost it or I died and my beneficiaries received it. When it looked like the stock market would crash before too long I thought I would eventually lose most of my savings. I have explained your IRA process to many friends and assured them you can help if they get in a similar situation. I will send them if they get tired of watching the stock market go up and down.
Sandra T. Long Beach, CA
  • IRA Account Setup

    A qualified custodian sets up and funds an IRA account.
  • Special Purpose LLC

    The custodian then creates a Special Purpose LLC (Limited Liability Company) on behalf of the account holder.
  • Self-Directed Account

    This LLC will be managed by the account holder. All transactions can be made by the account holder, without getting approval from the custodian.

What We Will Do For You

  • Assisting in the set up of Self-directed IRA with a qualified Custodian
  • Establishment of one (1) Special Purpose LLC including Filing Fees
  • Prepare and file Articles of Organization
  • Preliminary Name Search
  • Prepare EIN Filing and obtain EIN Number
  • Obtain Certificate of Organization from Secretary of State
  • File Notice for Publication (if required) and pay applicable fees
  • Assist in the establishment of an IRA LLC Business Bank Account
  • A Customized & IRS Compliant Operating Agreement
  • Assistance in the completion of documents to transfer funds to Self Directed IRA LLC
  • Registered Agent Service for the First Year